Remove virus (Manual Removal Guide)

Have you identified that you have virus infected your computer? Do you want to completely remove pop-ups? Read the following post now, you will have an effective removal guide to solve all your problems.

What is actually? is known as a dangerous redirect virus, which only aims to collect computer users’ personal information for illegal activities. This fake search engine is created to be compatible with all browsers that are using all over the world now. Due to its invasion to random computers, is able to change default settings of your search engine and release malicious files to corrupt important files of your browser. This will cause unstoppable wrong web navigation. Besides, it could create too many pop-up ads to stop users from further web surfing on different web pages. In addition, its presence makes the chance for unknown advertisers to collect your search items and favorite sites, so that they can flood a large number of related ads to promote their products. These pop-up ads are really difficult to get rid of by your antivirus program. And what is worse, your antivirus software also fail to remove completely from your browser, because most of its malicious files are displayed differently with random letters and some of them are disguised as system files which cannot be easily distinguished by antivirus. To totally stop, you are required to perform a removal by following the working removal guide as below.

Remove virus (Manual Removal Guide)

This page provides a comprehensive guide in detailed steps, which will help you completely remove virus and stop its pop-up ads from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you have any symptoms as mentioned above, definitely your PC needs to be fixed. You are welcome to read the whole post to acquire a good solution to fix your problems. Or you can contact Doofix Online Experts for best help.


Step 1- End all processes of virus.

1) Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys simultaneously to get the “Task Manager” to stop all active processes of virus.

2) Click Processes tag at the top, find out and end those suspicious processes.
Windows Task Manage

Step 2-Remove virus from your browsers :

Internet Explorer
1) Go to Tools, select Internet Options to pull up Internet Properties
3) Click “Programs” under Internet Options, and click Manage Add-ons;
Internet Properties













4) Click “OK” to save the changes you just made.

Google Chrome
1) Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar
2) Select “Tools”
3) Select “Extension”
google extension







4) On the Extensions page, unselect the “Enabled” checkbox for the extension you should remove.
Google extension disable

Mozilla Firefox
1) Double click to open the start page of Firefox
2) Click orange icon of Firefox, roll down your mouse to Add-on, and click to pull up the page of “Add-ons Manager”
Add-on Manager









3) Click to open Extensions list, check over and find out all suspicious extensions of virus.
disable extension firefox





4) Then click on corresponding “Disable” at the right of each extension to disable them.

Step 3-Uninstall malicious programs come with virus from your PC

For window7
1) Click Start button on the left down corner of PC screen, then select Control Panel, and you need to click on Uninstall a program
Un program

2) Carefully look for and uninstall suspicious or unknown programs that may bring in virus from your PC.

Note: Suspicious programs will not be all shown on your program list, and these programs will be displayed with different names. Just uninstall the one you find and other unwanted programs you don’t recognize.

Step 4-Delete all associated registry entries of virus:

1) Click Start menu, type regedit in the search programs and files box and press Enter key to open Registry Editor
regedit in start2




Or you can press the buttons of “Windows+R” together to pull up Run box






2) Find out and delete suspicious registry entries of virus in the “Registry Editor” as blow:
Registry Editor.









HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\ [RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe

Step 5-Delete all files related to virus in hard drives.

Open My Computer/Computer, then carefully find out all suspicious program files of virus in your hard drives and delete them.
Hard Disk Drives

Daily Tips for Avoiding virus:

In fact, most browser viruses like are always bundled with a variety of free programs or junk email attachments; mostly they will also attach to unaccredited websites, sometimes even reliable official websites of different institutions. In this way, they can avoid first detection from normal antivirus programs and computer users will not be able to distinguish them as well. Besides, after intrusion to targeted computers, virus will drop many files to distract removal from your antivirus tools. Therefore, your precaution is needed for avoiding it and you should keep in mind the following tips:
1) Do not open unknown attachments in spam box, visit unreliable websites, or click on weird links and pop-up ads
2) Be careful during installations, pay attention to every step
3) Install well-reputed official antivirus programs and regularly run scans
4) Check Registry Editor and running processes every now and then
5) Never download files or applications from unauthentic websites

You need to understand that manual removal of all computer viruses require certain levels of PC skills. If you are not confident about your PC skills, you should perform this procedure with extreme caution and carefulness, so that you can effectively remove virus.


Note: If you have any difficulty to perform manual removal by yourself, please feel free to contact DooFix Online Experts to help you.

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